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Learn how Wall Street promotes shared societal entrepreneurship and risk. As a result, the US is one of the most dynamic and innovative capital markets in the world. 


Divorce probably isn't the first thing you envision when  picturing your retirement, but "gray divorce" is becoming a more common phenomenon. Not only will divorce impact your personal life, but it can also affect your finances and retirement income savings.

Gender Parity


The lack of gender parity negatively impacts both men and women, their family's , as well as, society as a whole.

After a decade of working with women and their families solving common planning concerns specific to women pared with a genuine interest in researching women's issues; we have found "gender inequality" to be the common denominator facing women and their families when it comes to achieving financial success.


If we can solve for Gender Parity we can eliminate most of the common financial problems women and their families face

Increasing the participation of women will lay a foundation for economic prosperity, according to Laura Tyson, University of California, Berkeley, professor and former chair of the US presidents's Council of Economic Advisors.

Taking bold actions now to increase the economic participation and equal advancement of women is critical to ensuring a strong foundation for rising prosperity in the long run. . The beneficiaries of this action are society as a whole including individual households. When women do well, they are more likely than men to invest in the human capital of their families.* Mckinsey Global Institute. 

Fraud & Cyber Security

Don't leave yourself exposed!

Long Term Care

Long Term Care Awareness  -Due to increase cost ask about alternative strategies to manage this risk affordably.

Social Security

When to file is a personal decision. That said, current trends seem to be focused on timing.  When you file can change your monthly benefit for example: If your full retirement age is 66 you can increase your monthly benefit by 32%  if you delay your benefits until age 70.

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Women face unique challenges due to the lack of gender parity- "We don't need to apologize"
  • On average women work 50 minutes more per day than men globally! *

  • The median income in retirement for women is only 58% of Men's. 1

  • 9 out of 10 women will be solely responsible for handling their finances at some point during their lives. 2

  • Women can expect to live an average of 5 years longer than men. 3​

  • Many women will forfeit salary & retirement benefits (including social security)  by taking time off work to care for family. 2

  • On average women still only make 77 cents for every dollar. 1

*World Economic Forum

1 The female factor, WISER, Wiser Foundation Washington(2008)

2 Source of data:OppenheimerFunds Women & Investing

3 Source of data: US department of Health & Human Services

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