The Prince Charming Isn’t Coming EVENT is NOT about relationships. 

It’s a NEW financially savvy paradigm shift to unconsciously

STOP giving your power away.        


The First Step: Starts with this book. It is the catalyst for a more purposeful, holistic, & inspirational way to think about your money. 

It’s the Inner-Work that DRIVES everything.  


***Unfortunately, the financial industry has failed horribly, addressing what you will learn in this book. 

The TRUTH is the deeply rooted, and systemic issues around money can greatly impact women’s lives.  The SCARY thing is how subtle and often they show up in our daily lives. Most of us UNAWARE, allow ourselves to be robbed of our inspiration, power, satisfaction, confidence, & much more.   


Author, Barbara Stanny brilliantly articulates all the issues including why the Inner-Work must be done by YOU. No one else can do it for you; not even your spouse, financial advisor, company, friend, etc. 


Let’s do this, ladies!

Invite your whole female network to join YOU on this journey. We will meet in the beautiful gardens where I sit now, filled with inspiration.  

Be a part of the SHIFT in this new paradigm.

Women’s Book Club/WORKSHOP-

3 Part Series



August 12th       5:30-7:00pm;  Read Chapters 1-4

August 19th       5:30-7:00pm;  Read Chapters 5-7

August 26th       5:30-7:00pm;  Read Chapters 8-10


Location- Rivers Wealth Management

(Commons Park in the Streets @ Southglenn.)

6902-B S Vine Street, Centennial, CO. 80122


RSVP BY AUGUST 10th @ 303.339.0844 or claudia@riverswealthmgmt.com

Cost $20.00 per Workshop / Complimentary for Clients

Pay by August 10th, 2021, for all 3 Workshops $50.00


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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