"I wear many hats and I have never been more fulfilled & proud of the work that I do for Women!"

Claudia F. Rivers

Claudia F. Rivers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Practioner
Founder & Fiduciary


Claudia Rivers has been in the financial planning consultative business since 2003. She is an independent practitioner who specializes in empowering women financially.

Claudia spends most of her time in the advancement of women and their families' financial wealth. The "underrepresented and underserved" female in the financial industry must change to accommodate the fact that she matters.  That is why we are building programs and supporting institutions that empower women holistically including when it comes to investing.


Claudia graduated from The University of California, San Diego, and has lived in Colorado since 2000. Claudia and her family enjoy the outdoors and Colorado high country all year long.


Coaching & Community


3 Key Ingredients

  • The Inner Work

  • The Outer Work 

  • The Community

We have woven all three of these components under one umbrella! This journey begins with the prerequisite reading "Prince Charming Isn't Coming" By Barbara Stanny 

Barbara does a sensational job explaining why so many women voluntarily give up their financial power over their financial assets.

“Barbara brings clarity breaking the spell around deeply rooted myths and systemic issues, engaging and inspiring our inner financially savvy.”

Claudia Rivers


Carefree Drive



There have been many books written about the different communication styles between men and women.  The same is true in finance.

Your Money Personality plays an instrumental role when it actually comes to achieving your personal financial goals. For couples, the need is compounding.

A negative return on your investments pails in comparison to the damage of divorce.